A Proactive, Automated Solution for DSH Reimbursement

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. Now, more than ever before, it's vital to ensure your hospital is accurately compensated by Medicare and Medicaid. Our team has recovered more than $1 billion for over 600 hospitals around the country. Global giants such as Siemens, Ingenix and AmerisourceBergen have partnered with us to achieve well-documented success in recovering due compensation.

Our Focus

Rapid mapping and completion of data extraction requirements needed to define the potential size of the recovery opportunity

Retrospective and prospective recovery initiatives rather than a sequential focus used by many other firms

Minimizing potential disruption to employees and support staff

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Our Services

Retroactive and Prospective years Medicare Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) maximization

Transfer Diagnosis Related Groups (TDRG) - Review Medicare claims for misapplication of the Post-Acute Care Transfer Policy

Medicare 340B programs - Assist hospitals in qualifying for and maintaining 340B status

A/R Batch Analysis - Determine missed revenue opportunities by reviewing Medicaid, Medicare, Medicaid/Medicare HMOs, Tricare, etc.

Proven Expertise


10-25% Improvement over in-house approaches


600+ Hospitals served around the country


Over $1.2 Billion recovered for our clients

There are multiple advantages to utilizing the expertise of Government Program Specialists.
For each client, our team:

  • Uses automated tools for patient matching process
  • Will bear the burden of risk associated with achieving results
  • Ensures complete transparency for all claims by providing 100% documentation for proof of every eligible claim
  • Adheres strictly to rules governing qualification and deadlines for payment of DSH entitled funds
  • Prioritizes our work efforts and filings accordingly to ensure deadlines are met to avoid monies being arbitrarily sacrificed due to lack of attention on details
  • Has always found additional monies due the hospital when following the work of other firms providing DSH services
  • Ensures complete transparency for all claims by providing 100% documentation for proof of every eligible claim
  • Will review previous work regardless of who and when performed

Client Confidence

Our professionals have very strong client references that will attest to our results

State Number of Hospitals Total Increases in Reimbursement
Oregon 7 $12 Million
Texas 45 $72 Million
Oklahoma 22 $51 Million
Louisiana 40 $40 Million
Tennesse 17 $21 Million
Average of $1.5 Million per hospital